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Creative Documentary Wedding Photographer, Covering the Cotswolds, Bath, Bristol, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall & The South West

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Thank you so much for the photos, you did a brilliant job and everyone commented how well you blended in with the whole day. You’ve captured some really lovely natural poses. We’re really glad we chose you, thanks again! Best wishes
— Sinead and Clayton

Why My Style is Special 

What is great about choosing a wedding photographer today is the sheer choice you have, but where do you start when trying to choose a wedding photographer when there are so many price points and styles available?

I try to tell a story within the imagery, and in my mind this is what makes photography so compelling and wonderful. I do this by being friendly and approachable, but also discreet and professional. This is really important to me, I am always very careful about the sensitivity of the day, and I am respectful of formality of the day - for example not getting in the way of the ceremony, or ordering people around. 

I believe I have a great ability to catch beautiful and funny moments, as they happen without having to intervene. Being in the right place at the right time is better than telling people to make up moments, so seeing a beautiful thing about to happen, getting into place and capturing it (without interrupting it) is much better than trying to make a moment happen buy interfering. 

Most wedding photographers these days tend to be documentary in approach, and I would definitely fall into this style. However, I also greatly admire the artistic styles of the photography legends: for example Helmut Newton, Don McCullin or Henri Cartier-Bresson. I love looking at the way they caught the moment, combining being in the right place at the right time with effortless style. They didn’t rely of massive zoom lenses and 10 frame-a-second snapping. They got in close, discretely, made connections and allowed beautiful imagery to happen. This is exactly how I choose to work.

Would this work for you?

It's really important that you are happy at the end of the day, if you have any questions relating to wedding photography or how I go about the day, then I am always happy to meet up or talk through any concerns. Please do get in touch




What it’s like to be photographed

Here is a photo of me with my wife Miranda on our Wedding Day. I love weddings and having personally experienced it once I appreciate what the day can feel like.

I love using prime lenses on my cameras, this makes it less in your face than a big zoom when I am taking your photos. They also have the best look and produce wonderful photographs. I often use flash, but try and do this discreetly – especially during the dancing (one of my favourite parts). If I can trust the daylight I will use natural light, but often if it’s indoors the light wont be that good or if it’s really sunny you get strong shadows. The way I use lighting is all about softening and bringing out detail. As an interiors photographer I have been using lighting for years and try my best to make the photos look as beautiful as possible.